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About the water source


A unique site of drawing “The Pearl of Russia” water is situated in an ecologically clean area in a mountain valley of Marals (Southern Dagestan) at a height of 817 meters above sea level.

Snow covered Caucasus Mountains give to the source the clearest life-giving water that elevates from the depth of 63 meters and filtered out naturally with rock mass, it obtains sophisticated taste and becomes a real pearl.

The source in the valley of Marals is a unique natural potable spring water source.



Local community gave a name to its primeval place favoured by nature. At treed mountain slopes all the time they met red deer heading for the clearest water source to allay their thirst.

That is the story of discovering a legendary water source in the valley of Marals. Its water was available only in a few neighboring villages for more than 100 years. People say that the longevity secret of local mountain dwellers lies in life-giving water that they drank from the source extending their life journey.

Бутылки воды Жемчужина России


  • Life-giving, native, natural
  • Quenches your thirst
  • Water for inspiration flavouring amazingly fresh and soft
  • One of the reasons of legendary Caucasus longevity
  • Recipe for perfect health
  • Balanced composition of vitamins and microelements
  • Domestic product of high quality
  • Good for daily use
  • Bottled handy to take it along easily
  • Has no alternative in its price segment
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