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Natural water for life
The Pearl of Russia
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Healthy natural water with a unique composition

The Pearl of Russia is authentic spring water with the natural mineral composition.

Natural drinking spring water The Pearl of Russia is drawn from the Caucasus Mountains at a height of 817 meters above sea level. Virgin nature and special geological conditions create an exceptional product that nobody may copy.

Бутылки воды Жемчужина России
The Pearl of Russia is notable for its unique physical-chemical and organoleptic indicators, it is being bottled at the site and controlled by laboratory experts at all the stages of technological process.
Looking at the frozen spring water The Pearl of Russia in a microscope you may notice that it has a form of a symmetrical hexangular snowflake that is the mark of natural water.
High quality of spring water The Pearl of Russia has already found experts’ and consumers’ acceptance.
The Pearl of Russia is produced according to technical specifications that are compulsory for the potable water and it also undergoes additional voluntary certification. The product is perfect for drinking as well as for cooking any dish as it activates our feelings and elicits emotions.


  • Life-giving, native, natural
  • Quenches your thirst
  • Water for inspiration flavouring amazingly fresh and soft
  • One of the reasons of legendary Caucasus longevity
  • Recipe for perfect health
  • Balanced composition of vitamins and microelements
  • Domestic product of high quality
  • Good for daily use
  • Bottled handy to take it along easily
  • Has no alternative in its price segment
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